Enchanting Indulgence Charcoal Raw Sugar Scrub - Strawberry Patchouli


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Enchanting Indulgence: Savor the Fusion of Strawberry & Patchouli

Foaming Raw Sugar Scrub by Soap Witch Crafts: A Mesmerizing Blend for Silken, Fragrant Skin.

I'm not really sure what type of sorcery this is, but skin polishing exfoliation like this is suspicious to a witch even... throw in that it doesn't make my bathtub slippery or my skin feel like an oil slick and I am convinced there was something suspicious added to my cauldron when I wasn't looking...

The Facts

The scent of Strawberry Patchouli is a unique combination of sweet, juicy strawberries and earthy, musky patchouli. It merges the fruity freshness of strawberries with the deep and grounding notes of patchouli, resulting in a captivating fragrance that is both playful and alluring, invoking a sense of nature's allure with a touch of sweetness.

 Offers a therapeutic aromatherapy experience, helping to relax and rejuvenate the senses.

 Raw sugar is a gentle yet effective exfoliant for skin. 

 Removing dead skin cells helps skin feel smoother, giving a brighter more radiant appearance

 The massaging action when applying the scrub can help boost blood circulation, promoting healthier-looking skin.

 Provides balanced hydration, ensuring that the skin is neither too dry nor too oily.

 Doesn't turn your tub or shower into an oily, slippery debacle

 It's an astonishing delight 💁🏾‍♀️



Raw Sugar, Soy Scrub, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Activated Charcoal, Strawberry Fragrance and Patchouli Essential Oils and My Foaming Whipped Soap Base. 

*This listing is for one 6.9 oz jar by weight (8 oz by volume) of product and one wooden spoon.


I use the little wooden spoon to get the right amount, use water to active it and spread the delicious scrub all over my body, then rinse! Utter magical perfection if I do say so myself and OMG is it delightful!!

If you enjoy being daring you can even add some to a loofah and enjoy a whole new cleansing experience.

Using a foaming raw sugar scrub can be a delightful and beneficial addition to one's skincare routine. However, it's essential to use it appropriately, typically 1-3 times a week, depending on skin type and sensitivity, to avoid over-exfoliation. 

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