In the Life and Times of The Soap Witch!

In the Life and Times of The Soap Witch!

I'm not sure how many people know this, but maintaining a family, running your own business, hand-making ALL of the products, working a full-time day job AND attempting to find "me time" (haha yeah right) is exceptionally tiring and time consuming. But absolutely worth it!

People regularly ask me how I manage it all. Well the truth is, I don't always manage so well and sometimes I have to regroup and try a new plan or approach. My biggest assets, however, are my refusal to give up ('cause i would never) and the support of my children and boyfriend.

In working to get my business off the ground, I am not always so readily available to them (though when it's important I always make the time). It takes an unbelievable amount of money, resources and time to create something out of nothing (yes even if you know magic). Without their love, understanding and patience (well sometimes they're patient...), I don't know if any of this would even be possible, and for them I am forever grateful! So without further ado here is a peak into the home-life of The Soap Witch. 

The Sons of The Soap Witch:

Why yes I did put them to work don't you judge me!

Why yes I did put them to work and don't you dare judge me!


The Soap Witch's Assistant:

He's super cute and really that's mostly why I keep him around (shhhh don't tell him that thought). Also sometimes he forces me to goof off against my will (because I would totally never misbehave without provocation... ahem).

Familiars... I mean pets... of The Soap Witch:

I've been trying to get them to leave for as long as I can remember, but for some reason they keep showing back up (no worries my friends with cat allergies all of my production and storage takes place in a separate room, with a closed door that they have NO access too whatsoever, that is of course magically sealed... you know). 


Also here's a random cake that I baked... because who doesn't like cake. Not sure why the assistant decided to slice it that way... but whatever.


That's all for now. 

Until Next Time,

The Soap Witch

P.S. Let's keep this cake thing between us, my mom feels feelings (none of them good) about the fact that I now "cook" cosmetics and soaps instead of actual food. 

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