Hi I'm Lauren and I am The Soap Witch! You should see me giggling and rubbing my hands together as I create these ridiculous titles and themes for my handmade creations. Though I take the formulation and manufacturing process very seriously, I can't help but believe that life should also be about learning to let go and laughing a little (or maybe a lot, even if it's at oneself). My creative genius (just go with it, OK) came about as I was trying to navigate my way through the stages of grief.

There is a little bit of Lauren in each craft that I make and I just love sharing them with others. Soap Witch Crafts is me sharing a part of myself unapologetically, in all of my authenticity and it’s been incredibly liberating! The chemist in me (I knew she was in there somewhere), loves the way things come together every single time, whether it's the first time or the 100th. Who would have thought soap and things could be so fascinating?

I surprise myself almost daily as I move from the mindset of what I “can't” do, to what I can do... and do well in many cases.

All items are carefully handmade always with the highest quality outcome in mind. Now let me get back to my cauldron and cook up some more goodies. ;)