In The Making - How I Make Beer Soap from Scratch - Vanilla Grove (Vanilla-ish with Cedarwood)

In The Making - How I Make Beer Soap from Scratch - Vanilla Grove (Vanilla-ish with Cedarwood)

I'm filled with an incredible sense of accomplishment as I present the 7th and final batch for my new line of soap all made with beer in place of water (beer soap). These have been created to compliment my other lines made with beer (lotion and body butter). These are scented with a Vanilla type combination and Cedarwood.

These bars have been curing for several weeks and now it's time to get the whole line picture perfect and ready for their release on 6/3/23. Can't wait!

I hope you enjoy!

*About Soap With Crafts:

I, Lauren (The Soap Witch), am the singular owner, operator of Soap Witch Crafts. I have always had a strong love for taking care of my hair and skin. My creative genius (as I like to call it) came about as I was trying to navigate my way through the stages of grief.

I thoroughly enjoy formulating and testing products, or ideas for products. Know that I am beyond picky when it comes to the quality of the products I'm willing to place on my website. If I don't feel pride in the creation and efficacy of the product, it ain't making it! I even obsessed over the packaging, the labels, the shipping boxes and the tape! I only want to offer the absolute best!

Soap Witch Crafts is me sharing a part of myself unapologetically, in all of my authenticity and it’s been incredibly liberating! I invite you to come along and share in my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride! I know I am!

Youtube: @soapwitchcrafts

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