My Hair Care Journey - Week 8

My Hair Care Journey - Week 8

Here we are at week 8! If you missed week 7 you can catch it here.  

This week I decided to try a roller set with large perm rods. I left a list of products used and links to each product below. I wanted to see how my hair would look with larger curls, but I didn’t expect them to feel so much looser… yeah silly I know! All in all, it wasn’t the worst hairstyle ever, but I don’t think it’ll be making a repeat appearance anytime soon… anywho, onward!




Products featured in this weeks’ journey are:

Charcoal Bliss Shampoo Bar

Tempting Tonic Deep Conditioner 

Sultry Sorcery Leave-In Conditioner 

Aloe Vera Styling Cream

Aloe Vera Gel

Oh and shameless plug all orders $60+ ship free! Feel free to try the magic for yourselves peeps!

That’s all I’ve got for this week friends.

Stay tuned for week 9.

Until Next Time,

The Soap Witch

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