Spotlight on Delicious Decadence

Spotlight on Delicious Decadence

Hi there, it's me again (not sure who else you might have been expecting... but OK). Anywho... today let's talk about Delicious Decadence. Let's just be clear, no it's not some sort of tasty treat. You have no idea how much grief I catch regarding that very fact (*cough* mom *cough* dad). Soooo, moving right along. I have a special affinity for great moisturizers, considering I spent most of my young years with a white/gray ashy tint (no judgement please). Battling dry skin is no easy task and I've learned over the years that I'm not the only one suffering from this affliction (really, it's just not fair).

This is where Delicious Decadence comes in. It is a silky smooth, creamy, non-greasy moisturizer. So, what's in it? Allow me to take some time to brag on these FABULOUS ingredients which include the following:

All Natural Fragrance or Essential Oils. All of the fragrances I use are natural fragrance oils or essential oils from a reputable company recommended many times over by fellow soapers (yes that's what we call ourselves), active in this business far longer than I.

Kokum Butter is a hard, cosmetic butter with wonderfully emollient properties, that adds texture and fluffiness to the lotion while keeping your skin beautifully moisturized.

Safflower Oil is a light weight oil, that absorbs easily into the skin. It helps the skin retain water, which leaves you looking smooth and radiant.

Distilled Water, because you need oil and water to make a lotion based cream and distilled water is the best option, since it has less impurities and is less likely to cause negative reactions within the mixture.

Tapioca Starch Powder helps to keep the body cream from feeling oily, while keeping your skin moisturized at the same time.

Rosemary Extract keeps the oils from going rancid. (Yuck!)

Emulsifying Wax and BTMS-50 are two different types of emulsifiers. Since oil and water don't naturally mix, they need an emulsifier. For lotions you really only need a regular emulsifying wax, but I threw in some BTMS-50 (usually what I use for hair conditioner) because it helped to give this cream such a luxurious feel.

Local Raw Honey, because it's about the most amazing thing in the UNIVERSE (no seriously).

Pro Vitamin B5 helps to keep skin so soft and smooth (who knew it was beneficial for something other than hair…).

Cetearyl Alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols found in plants, like Coconut and Palm oils. It also acts as an additional emulsifier, in addition to keeping your skin soft and smooth (you see a pattern here, soft... smooth... OK just wondering if it was me).

Hydrolyzed Silk Water also helps the skin retain water, which leaves you looking smooth and radiant.

Antimicrobial Preservative, because any water-based concoction requires a preservative in order to prevent bacteria and mold. (We just can't have any of that, now can we?). Also, yes indeed, I have tested this product for bacteria and mold/yeast growth and it passed with flying colors.

Several other attempts at body creams have been attempted in my "lab" (prior to this masterpiece) and several have gone straight into the trash. I will have nothing but the best for me and customers (that's you) and let me tell you, my skin feels like silk. I'm in love.

Check it out yourself. Use Discount Code DELICIOUSDECADENCE for 10% off of one purchase of Body Creams thru the end of June.

Until Next Time,
The Soap Witch

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