Griffon Tears Beer Lotion - Creamy Cocoa


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Griffon Tears Beer Lotion - Creamy Cocoa

I don't know if you've ever been to a griffon lair... but let me tell you it's a sad strange place. I'm sure at some point they must find time to be the savage beasts some lore make them out to be. Whenever I visit they seem to be in their feelings. Puddles of tears everywhere! I got permission to take some back to the lab for experiments. So far the only thing that's panned out has been this delectable lotion from when I tried to whip up a milkshake. Will I ever get anything edible out of this cauldron?

The Facts

✔ Contains actual beer, how cool is that?

✔ Enjoy smooth supple skin

 Enjoy the scent of decadent chocolate.

✔ Incredibly moisturizing with no oily residue

✔ Long lasting moisture throughout the day

✔ A little goes a long way

 No ashy or painfully dry skin!

✔ Super convenient to carry wherever you go

✔ Getchuone


Chocolate Mousse Fragrance Oil, Kokum Butter, Safflower Oil, Distilled Water, Beer, Rosemary Extract, BTMS-50, Local Raw Honey, Pro Vitamin B5, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Silk Water and Antimicrobial Preservative.

*This listing is for one 4 oz tottle of beer lotion.


Massage into dry skin daily. A little goes a long way.


**This product contains natural essential oils, which could cause reactions within those who have skin sensitivities. Individual results may vary depending on skin type, sensitivity, age, and skincare history. Please check the ingredient list for any potential allergens or known sensitivities. If any reactions occur, please discontinue use immediately.