Ultimate Opulence Luxury Soy Candle - Irish Cream Coffee


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Ultimate Opulence: Indulge in the Rich Allure of Irish Cream Coffee by Soap Witch Crafts

Experience the Comforting Blend of Irish Cream and Coffee in My Luxurious Soy Candle


This is possibly one of the MOST luxurious creations I've ever brought to Witchdom! I went to perform a spell that makes magical cups, obviously not for nefarious purposes... But let me tell you when I removed these from my poor, overused cauldron these magical silvery, beautiful vessels emerged. I filled them with wax and the way the flame shines through and illuminates the room in beautiful, calming warmth is simply magical! 

The scent of Irish cream coffee is indulgent and inviting, with a harmonious fusion of rich coffee aroma and the creamy, sweet notes of Irish cream liqueur.

This is a carefully handmade, high quality candle made purely with soy wax and tested for the best possible outcome. 


Reuse this stunningly remarkable, sleek and well-made jar once your candle is fully spent.  It comes without a label, purposefully, to fit in with your personal décor or any occasion.


Your candle will come packaged in the box pictured, packaging material on the inside for cushion and presentation, and craft paper to insure safe travel to its destination.


*This candle is made with fragrance oil specifically engineered for candles which is wonderfully potent and strong. Great for living spaces, kitchens and other generously spaced rooms. As is, it is a perfectly wrapped gift ready to be shared with your candle loving, loved one (or yourself)! The box will have a label on the front showing the name and scent of the candle. It comes without a label purposefully so that it will fit in seamlessly with your decor. Soy candles offer a more eco-friendly, clean-burning, and healthier alternative to traditional paraffin candles, while still providing a pleasant and longer-lasting fragrance experience


**This candle will burn up to 54 hours. When burning your soy candle for the first time, try to allow the candle to burn for 2.5 - 3 hours. Soy wax has a "memory" and allowing your soy candle to create its initial memory burn, will help the candle to create a full melt pool of wax, and increase the candle's scent throw. 


***To prevent your soy candle from producing black soot, always trim your wick to 1/4" before lighting your candle.

*Note since this candle is truly made of soy wax it will develop frosting over time which will alter the appearance from the one pictured. The frosting is only a change in  aesthetics and in no way interferes with the fragrance.

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*This listing is for one 9 oz candle.

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