Whipped Wonder Charcoal Whipped Shampoo - Grapefruit Jasmine


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Whipped Wonder: Grapefruit Jasmine Dreams

Soap Witch Crafts' Charcoal Elixir with a Citrus-Floral Charm

Um... so do you remember the shampoo bars I used to make? Well there was a tiny, little mishap with the last batch I made (thank goodness they never left the lab). See I got some new crystals, and for some reason the shampoo bars reacted to them and came to life! They tried to perform a full-scale attack. What? I am NOT making this up! Anywho, I had to douse them in melting cream (don't ask and I won't tell). Now they've turned into this whipped thing and Y'ALL! The full creamy, silken, satiny lather is delectable and this soft clean hair is simply magical!

The Facts

✔ Airy whipped consistency means a little goes a long way

✔ It's easier to control the amount you use than with a liquid, which results in less product waste

✔ The thick consistency results in less spillage compared to liquid, which is especially great during travel.

✔ Produces a rich and luxurious lather, enhancing the shampooing experience.

✔ The mousse-like texture makes the shampooing experience feel more luxurious and spa-like.

✔ The consistency allows for more even distribution throughout the hair, which helps to ensure all parts of the scalp and hair get cleansed.

✔ Formulated with hydrating ingredients that help maintain the hair's moisture balance, reducing the chance of over-drying and helps avoid frizz.

✔ Leaves hair feeling soft

✔ The perfect option for EVERY hair type (even color treated)

✔ Can be used as a head to toe wash if desired (use a loofah)

✔ The scent of Grapefruit Jasmine is a vibrant and refreshing fusion of zesty grapefruit and delicate jasmine. It combines the invigorating citrus notes of grapefruit with the floral elegance of jasmine, creating a bright and uplifting fragrance.

✔ Getchuone


Kokum Butter, Wheat Protien, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, BTMS-50, SCI Powder, SLSa and Cocamidopropyl Betaine (all for cleansing and lather), Stearic Acid, Sorbitol and Grapefruit Essential Oil and Jasmine Absolute.


*Thoroughly saturate hair with water. Scoop some out with your fingers (remember a little goes a long way). Immerse yourself in the incredible silky lather! Wash and rinse as normal. Enjoy magically clean hair. Works very well on ALL hair types.