Incredible Wash N Go Results (Lazy Wash N Go) - Type 4 Hair

Incredible Wash N Go Results (Lazy Wash N Go) - Type 4 Hair

I am trying to get caught up on posting these but time is not on my side at the moment! Maybe if I could stop launching new products, for 2 whole seconds, that would help. πŸ™ƒ This one is from when I washed my hair a week ago. I hope you enjoy my hair styling and shenanigans! See you next time!

Today's Lip Color:
Golden Brown:

You said you wanted 3 or more? πŸ˜‰
Bundle and Save my friend:

Products Used:
Whipped Shampoo:

Twilight Tempest Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:

Moisturizing Spray:

Curly Concoction Styling Cream:

Magical Mayhem Sea Moss Hair Gel:

Or Bundle and Save with The Soap Witch's (Lazy) Wash 'N Go Bundle and take 30% off all products included!

*About Soap With Crafts:

I, Lauren (The Soap Witch), am the singular owner, operator of Soap Witch Crafts. I have always had a strong love for taking care of my hair and skin. My creative genius (as I like to call it) came about as I was trying to navigate my way through the stages of grief.

I thoroughly enjoy formulating and testing products, or ideas for products. Know that I am beyond picky when it comes to the quality of the products I'm willing to place on my website. If I don't feel pride in the creation and efficacy of the product, it ain't making it! I even obsessed over the packaging, the labels, the shipping boxes and the tape! I only want to offer the absolute best!

Soap Witch Crafts is me sharing a part of myself unapologetically, in all of my authenticity and it’s been incredibly liberating! I invite you to come along and share in my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride! I know I am!

Youtube: @soapwitchcrafts

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