Lovely Stretched Wash N Go - With a Hot Oil Treatment -Type 4 High Porosity Hair

Lovely Stretched Wash N Go - With a Hot Oil Treatment -Type 4 High Porosity Hair

Hey there, it's The Soap Witch! 🌟 Today, I'm back with another personal hair care ritual, where I indulge in a hot oil treatment, followed by a thorough wash, deep conditioning, and detangling, leading up to a fabulous wash and go. The star of the show? My Aloe Vera Strong Hold, Curl Defining Gel. 🌿

I'm getting the hang of this fantastic product, figuring out just the right amount and the best way to apply it for my hair type. This time, I've embraced the raking method over simply pressing or smoothing the gel into my hair, and I'm thrilled to share that the results are consistently beautiful.

Join me as I share my journey towards mastering this gel and technique, offering tips and insights on achieving the perfect balance of hold and definition. Whether you're a curl enthusiast or just love experimenting with your hair care routine, you'll find plenty of inspiration here.

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Products Used:
Acute Anointing Moisturizing Hair Oil

Whipped Wonder Whipped Shampoo

Tempting Tonic Deep Conditioner

Mysterious Magnificence Moisturizing Spray

Curly Concoction Styling Cream

Slick Sorcery Aloe Vera Styling Gel

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