My Hair Care Journey - Week 23

My Hair Care Journey - Week 23

Here we are at week 23! If you missed week 22 you can catch it here

OK so back to my “usual” this week, the tried and true flat twists. I’m sure ya’ll get bored with me doing the same style, week after week, but I gotta tell you, IT SAVES SO MUCH TIME!!! Like it takes me 20ish minutes and I am on to living my best life… But OK enough of that, let’s move this along. As usual I’ve provided a list of products used and links to each product below… Check it out!


Products featured in this weeks’ journey are:

Charming Charcoal Shampoo Bar

Tempting Tonic Deep Conditioner 

Sultry Sorcery Leave-In Conditioner 

Curly Concoction Aloe Vera Styling Cream

Miraculous Mixture Aloe Vera Gel

Don’t forget all orders $60+ ship free!
That’s all I’ve got for this week friends. 
Stay tuned for week 24.
Until Next Time,
The Soap Witch

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