My Hair Care Journey - Week 3

My Hair Care Journey - Week 3

Hello my good people. I am a little late in posting week 3 of my new hair care journey, but you know better late than never… oopsies. If you missed week 2 you can catch it here.

Alright so this week we will be continuing on with multiple short videos instead of trillions of individual photos (yes trillions, I counted).

So, there was this thing that happened where I lost all the videos I took washing my hair, conditioning, de-tangling and blow-drying. We’ll just refer to this as “user error” and never speak of it again… OK FINE I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THEM UGH!  Ahem… as a result we are starting just as I begin to straighten my hair. Ya’ll are going to have to forgive my obnoxious facial expressions. Apparently, I have no awareness of it even when I am staring myself RIGHT in the mirror! Anywho, I am trying a new (to me) flat iron called the MAXIGLIDE RP by MAXIUS.

In my humble, not so humble opinion, the MAXIGLIDE RP has a learning curve. It has a steam boost to avoid drying out your hair and causing heat damage, as well as pins to help with de-tangling. Their instructions are to brush or comb your hair to de-tangle as much as possible, then start three quarters of an inch away from your roots and apply steam all the way to your ends, then go from root to ends without squeezing the iron too much, allowing the flatiron to do its work (what a mouthful). Also, I used this heat protectant (from Sally’s Beauty Supply) before blow-drying. I used very little, parting my hair down the middle then using one pump for each side. Ok so enough chatting, onward!

Week 3:

At this point at I am fighting with the MAXIGLIDE RP instead of allowing it do its work and getting incredibly frustrated. I almost threw in the towel guys. Not my best moment… ahem…


Here I am starting to get the hang of it a bit. I proceeded to add the steam as instructed, but still struggle with pressing or squeezing to hard with the iron as I straighten. I thought… maybe the pins were the devil…


Finally, I found a good rhythm with this baby. I learned how to add the steam to the hair and not squeeze too hard on the iron allowing it to pass much easier over my hair. Also, I had it on very high heat (somewhere around 430 degrees F) and my house did not smell of burnt hair at all. It is worth figuring out the learning curve to have straight hair without burning it all to pieces.


This is my hair the day after I straightened it, in this TN heat and humidity, I was surprised I hadn’t turned into a walking cotton ball. I also got a trim the day I straightened it so it’s just a smidge shorter than it was in the initial videos.


This is 2 days after I straightened it. Still going strong ya’ll!


This is 3 days after I straightened it, still holding things down in these oppressive conditions (OK maybe a little extra but seriously this humidity has taken on a life of its own.) You can also see me harassing the assistant for interrupting my video (he totally had it coming). So, the next day I went to boot camp and then the day after we went to the beach so there are no further photos. I am pretty sure though had I not gone to the beach this style would have lasted until wash day.


I will be posting another video using the MAXIGLIDE RP in the near future, but for now I’m signing off.

Stay tuned for week 4.

Until Next Time,

The Soap Witch

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