Rediscover the Magic: "Monstrous Mayhem" Oatmeal Stout Soap

Rediscover the Magic: "Monstrous Mayhem" Oatmeal Stout Soap

The Tale of "Monstrous Mayhem"

In the heart of Soap Witch Crafts, a potion gone awry gave birth to something truly magical. "Monstrous Mayhem," an oatmeal stout soap, was born not out of a successful experiment, but from a serendipitous mishap that transformed my sneezes into winds and my potion into a cleansing marvel.

Why Fall Under Its Spell Again?

"Monstrous Mayhem" is no ordinary soap. It's a bubbly brew that combines the moisturizing power of beer's finest ingredients with the comforting scent of oatmeal stout, wrapped in notes of roasted malt, creamy oats, cocoa, and vanilla. Each bar is a work of art, ensuring a thorough cleanse and a creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

A Companion to Your Skincare Ritual

Not only does "Monstrous Mayhem" offer a unique cleansing experience, but it also pairs perfectly with my Dragons Brew Beer Butter and Griffon Tears Beer Lotion. Together, they create a skincare ritual that nourishes, comforts, and enchants.

Now Available for Wholesale

I'm thrilled to announce that "Monstrous Mayhem" is now available for wholesale. Whether you're looking to enchant your shelves or offer your customers a magical cleansing experience, this soap is ready to cast its spell in homes far and wide.

Embrace the Magic Once More

It's the perfect time to rekindle your love for "Monstrous Mayhem." Allow yourself to be wrapped in its rich, comforting aroma, and let the magic of your daily routines be reawakened.

Rediscover the magic at Soap Witch Crafts - where every bar is crafted with care, attention to detail, and a sprinkle of enchantment.


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