Unleash Your Inner Enchantress!

Are You Ready for a Magical Transformation?

You don't need a magic wand or a cauldron to get skin that feels like a spell just lifted off of it. Say hello to Soap Witch Crafts Skin Care, where I brew luxurious products that make you feel like you've stepped out of a fairy tale—minus the creepy witches or apple mishaps.

What's Brewing?

Regular Bar Soap

Who said 'basic' has to be boring? Elevate your daily shower ritual into a mystical experience that leaves your skin caressing you back. No, really, you'll want to high-five yourself.

Beer Soap Bars

Because your skin also deserves happy hour! This isn't your ordinary pint. Unveil radiant skin that makes you go, "Cheers to me!"

Charcoal Whipped Soap

As fluffy as a cloud, but it’s not for eating, okay? Remove impurities like you're wiping away last night's bad decisions. Also be warned... there's glitter!

Foaming Coconut Milk Hand Soap

One push and you'll never see handwashing the same way. Let's foam-ance!

Milk Bath Salts

Float in a bath of luxuriousness that Cleopatra would envy. It's a milk bath, darling, minus the cow.

Foaming Raw Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliate like you're shedding your mortal coil. Reveal the goddess underneath.

Massage/Body Oils

Why wait for someone else to massage you when your skin can feel this good? It’s like a spa day without the awkward small talk.

Shimmering Body Butter

Who needs clothes when your skin can literally sparkle? Shine bright like the moon.

Beer Butter (Body Butter Made with Beer)

The pub-crawl for your skin. Hydrate like a pro!

Lotion Bar Tubes (Solid Lotion)

Your skin won’t just thank you, it will write you love letters.

Hand Cream and Beer Lotion

Go ahead, give yourself a hand (or two). You're about to feel bewitching from your fingers to your toes.

Why Choose Soap Witch Crafts?

Every potion, brew, and concoction is formulated, hand-crafted, and produced by me—your faithful Soap Witch. No cauldrons were harmed in the making of these products.

Ready to Spellbind Your Senses?

Step into a world where your skin feels so good, it must be magic. But shh... let's keep that between us witches, shall we?

Embrace Your Inner Enchantress Today!